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Senior Web Developer









Job Description

We are an accomplished product team on the verge of promising international growth. We work with global brands and dedicate teams to projects according to their needs.

Business offers are literally raining down on us, but before jumping on to them, we would like to keep our work culture as it is. To control this growth with a human-centric approach, we need experienced people.

Get a clearer idea of how we approach the projects we develop from the blog here, and you can have a glance at our Instagram profile.

You can expect to get involved with the following

  • Creating responsive sites designed in advance in Figma and turning them into impressive web pages.
  • Taking responsibility for website maintenance and page speed optimization.
  • Developing UX/UI prototypes and user journeys to support customer needs.
  • Implementing SEO measures and the best practices for conversion optimization, accessibility, and usability in collaboration with the design team.
  • Supporting all kinds of internal brand & marketing needs, and much more.


  • Deep experience with Webflow (including their CMS collections)
  • 2+ years of experience creating stunning/impressive websites with Webflow
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also modern UI/UX design processes
  • Competency in understanding UX principles
  • Working knowledge of cross-browser and cross-device compatibility
  • Great eye for visual and interaction design and clean responsiveness capabilities
  • Feeling comfortable working on a variety of projects with diverse audiences
  • Ability to work on a variety of projects simultaneously

It’s a plus if you have

  • Self-confidence in CSS and its methodologies such as BEM.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript with data structures, algorithms, and software design principles.

Tools & Tech Stack

We don’t solely lean on libraries or frameworks in software development but the overall sustainability, reliability, and purity of the code itself. We like to think about abstractions such as Separation of Concerns, layered architecture, and IoC rather than just “getting things done”.

If you are willing to talk about these, then we can confidently say that we are on the same page.

What's in it for you?

  • The freedom from confusion: You are always in the know about your task. If you don’t, you have the freedom to ask about it.
  • Unbarred communication: Here, data-backed ideas always win over hierarchy.
  • A fair salary policy: Committed to providing you with financial peace of mind, we provide you with a USD-based salary and make frequent adjustments to ensure it stays competitive within the industry.
  • A bonus system that really rewards: Got a friend looking for a job? Refer them and get a bonus. Have an idea for content? Write it and get a bonus. A meetup? Organize it and get a bonus.
  • Hours that are not flexible: We don’t work late hours, weekends, or such. We start and end the day together.
  • Kleras Lounge: We believe culture makes us better people, and accordingly, you get an allowance and/or tickets for social/cultural activities.
  • Groovy company retreats: Happy people vacationing together, no awkward silences at all. Check out our YouTube!
  • A frictionless hardware set: State-of-the-art hardware for you to get things done.

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