Kleras Joins Retool Startup Program

Kleras Joins Retool Startup Program

Istanbul, 10.17.2023 — Kleras Software, an innovator in software & web development, is excited to announce its acceptance into the Retool Startup Program. This program will enhance Kleras’ ability to rapidly develop and deploy internal tools, driving operational efficiency and business growth.

Retool, renowned for its powerful platform that enables companies to build custom internal applications quickly and easily, offers this program to support high-potential startups. With access to Retool’s comprehensive suite of tools, Kleras aims to streamline processes, improve productivity, and accelerate the development of tailored solutions for its operations.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Retool Startup Program,” said Aydin Albayrak, CEO of Kleras. “This opportunity aligns perfectly with our mission to innovate and optimize our internal workflows, enabling us to better serve our clients and scale our business efficiently.”

The Retool Startup Program provides Kleras with access to Retool’s platform, which includes advanced features for building internal applications, dedicated technical support, and a community of like-minded startups. This collaboration will empower Kleras to develop custom tools that address unique business challenges, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

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